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Posted by mr.wantsgreatskin, 17 February 2014 · 163 views

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Ok so i've had acne since i was about 13 and ive struggled with it since.
I've attempted to get rid of it in the past but was consantly struggling.
this time around i've decided to go at it. I'm committed this time around.
I thought i would go ahead and address the issue head on and be relentless about it. i don't want to "wait" for it to go away.

Because the acne.org site is a little difficult to work with i just stopped uploading pictures and decided to let the videos do the work.
follow my page. i plan on updating it as much as i  can.
i've been video blogging my journey.

how long have you been struggling? I can tell the acne you have is internal, not external. 

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