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Posted by Emsy, 18 April 2014 · 387 views

spironolactone hormonal acne cystic acne severe acne moderate acne
So, funny story. 
Back in January, I got my hormones tested for the first time. My DHEA (which deals with androgen, which deals with hormonal acne, yada yada) was higher than it's supposed to be. It was in the 300s range. So I started taking Spironolactone. 
Now, 3 months later, I got my DHEA tested again. 
My DHEA is now at 529.
Instead of lowering my DHEA, Spironolactone has made it significantly higher
I don't even know what the f*ck to do anymore. No wonder I'm still having severe, cystic hormonal acne. 

This scares me. I am on spiro as you know but if it makes acne worse i want no part of it :( I have not had my DHEA tested yet...I should ask my dermatologist about it. I think I will. I want to know if this med really works...Thanks for sharing.

You might wanna ask about getting hormonal testing every so often to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to. :/ Keep in mind that I have a genetic condition, so things work differently for me--maybe Spironolactone will be perfect for you!! Who knows. But for me, this is pretty scary. My DHEA is supposed to be below 307 and it's at 529. Yikes. 

Hey Emsy, have you been tested for PCOS?  Check out this forum to see if you can get some answers or ideas for treatment.  http://www.soulcyste...-decrease-dheas


I do have PCOS and only had elevated Testosterone, Spiro does not "change" the Testosterone levels on my blood tests, however it does block the androgens in some manner.  So I'm not sure even if I tested right now the levels would be different.  Please know it did take me almost 4 months to clear on Spiro and many women it takes 6 months.  Check out the other treatments and maybe you can find an answer.  I am so sorry, I know you must be beyond frustrated!! 

Here is another one, it looks like from these forums that DHEA is from the adrenal.  Whereas others have the issue with the ovaries, like myself.  http://www.soulcyste...-Spironolactone  You are not alone, you will find answers, maybe adding something to Spiro?

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