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Day 54

Posted by Emsy, 13 March 2014 · 196 views

spironolactone cystic acne hormonal acne severe acne moderate acne
Do I dare say it? I think my skin is looking better. Lots of small pimples and lots of healing cysts, but only one new cyst. Let's hope this progress continues. 
I've been on my diet for......10 days now? I think? And I've only messed up twice. Which isn't a huge deal--I'm allowed to have occasional 'cheat' meals. Let's hope I just keep getting better and better at this no gluten, no refined sugar, no diary thing though. And eventually no high carb foods as well. 
Thankfully, 75 mg of Spiro does not seem to be causing new breakouts or more dryness......knock on wood. I've been on 75 for 3 days now (well, today will be day 4 once I take it tonight). 
75 mg Spironolactone
Clearasil Face Wash
Cetaphil 30 SPF Oil Control Moisturizer 

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