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Day 33

Posted by Emsy, 20 February 2014 · 287 views

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Skin is looking better!!! It's SO smooth......I have to resist the urge to constantly touch it. :P
Old cysts are healing, and I'm not seeing any new ones. It's still painful, but at least the production rate for cysts seems to have slowed down. My scarring seems to be doing better too.......perhaps from lots of moisturizing? I'm not sure. 
I do have one question though, for anyone reading this......does every under-the-skin lump have to turn into a cyst? For example, my right cheek has two little lumps under the skin. They're not visible or painful, just hard. So is there any chance that they could disappear without coming to the surface and turning inflamed and painful? Maybe? Hopefully?
Overall, I'm feeling good. I can't wait until 3 months so I can start seeing the full effect of the Spironolactone. 
Day 33. 
50mg Spironolactone
200mg Doxycycline
Clearasil Face Wash
Cetaphil SPF 30 Moisturizer 

Hi! Omg I can answer your question. Because you are on Doxy, there is a good chance that the "bumps" as you call them, could resolve without forming a whitehead. I have had several of these bumps that disappear under the weight of the antibiotics that I take. I just started spiro yesterday. I am so excited. Your blog is awesome because it gives me hope that spiro will make a real difference. My skin is basically clear but I still get the occasional zit here and there and I hate it. Most of them wash away or get removed when I apply my oil-free acne stress control toner with salicylic acid. I just love the fact that there are treatments out here that work. Peace!

AWESOME. That makes me really happy. Thanks for the answer. :) Spiro has really been working for me, and I hope it works for you too. What's your dosage? 

Right now I am on 25mg per day. My dermatologist's assistant told me that if I have normal blood work in one month, so that puts it about 3/20, she will increase my dose. As far as I know there will be gradual increases as I demonstrate tolerance. Peace!

Yes, I attack those bumps with BP and SA and it helps.  Either they come to a head within a day or slowly disappear.  It's the closed comedones that either come out or stay there.  No disappearing lol  Gosh darn acne, we could write a book on how to deal with every kind under the sun.

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