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Day 50 Accutane Clavaris 80 Mg Month 2 Week 7

Posted by musicvisuals, 31 March 2014 · 446 views

Week 1- Skin cleared
week 2- break out - lots of tiny white head around mouth and chin
week 3- break out- deeper acne starts to pop up on cheeks
week 4 - skin cleared w minimal acne in the t-zone
week 5 - bad break outs on cheeks
week 6 - bad break outs on cheeks and minimal acne in the t-zone
week 7 just started and fortunately its been almost 2 days with out new acne, of course I have plenty active and red marks but hey its a small break..im doing the best I can to stay positive and im eating really heathy...I just bought a juicer and its been fun... my head feels a bit clearer but im realllllly not happy w my face but I know my pores are getting smaller and pushing out the oil manually. Cant wait to see the transformation! 

Just wondering, is it a lot worse now then when u started?

Just wondering, is it a lot worse now then when u started?

when i started i had 8 active angry cysts...they all faded away real fast in the first week tho and then new ones started to form on week 2...so honeslty I would say that its just as bad as the day i started but i can tell my skin is changing for the better..like its very smooth and clean but with the obvious pimples to..my nose had so many black heads and my face was oily and greasy but not anymore...my face literally doesn't make oil anymore lol..its nice. Thats how I know all my new acne is just old built oil that was clogging my pores...im sure i still have more clogged pores but im getting closer now

Thank u for the reply.

actually my skin is even a little better right now than when i started but its all over the place...i cant even keep track of it with old ones fading and new ones just continuing to pop up 

Just remember it will all be worth it in the end!