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Male 24 Accutane/Claravis Persistent Moderate Acne Log

Mid Month 4 Accutane Clavaris ! Accutane Does Work

Posted by musicvisuals, 01 June 2014 · 598 views

Well it finally happened, Im clear! Its been 3-4 weeks with very minimal acne so I guess its not 100% yet more like 95% and I still have some pretty visible pigmentation but it feels clear to me. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but acne has been my biggest concern/worry for along time...when I begun clearing up in the last few weeks I definite...

Accutane Clavaris End Of Month 3, Day 90Ish

Posted by musicvisuals, 10 May 2014 · 499 views

Im actually getting clear, the treatment is working! All the pimples Ive gotten in the last few weeks are really small and became whiteheads with in a day, I still have a large cyst on my neck though that hasnt really budged in a week or so. Also the red marks are pretty noticeable still but that will fade in time. If I continue to clear Im gna upload bef...

Accutane Week 11 Mid-Month 3

Posted by musicvisuals, 29 April 2014 · 707 views

Since I last posted maybe a week ago I have gotten about 3-4 new pimples but they're generally small now and are already almost gone. My face is almost clear of active pimples at the moment(thank the heavens) but that sounds better than it looks. Every bit of acne I have got since about day 40 to now has left a mark, and I've gotten alot of acne since the...

Accutane/clavaris Day 70

Posted by musicvisuals, 19 April 2014 · 474 views

Hello all, it feels good to be this far into the course, especially since the last week has been pretty easy on me compared to the weeks before that. I'm going to break it down week for week like I have done before.
(i started accutane with 4-5 bad cysts, although I was getting persistant moderate acne for along time, nothing ever worked after batt...

End Of Month 2 - Still Breaking Out But Getting There

Posted by musicvisuals, 12 April 2014 · 339 views

Well after a third time of clearing on accutane last week I broke out yet again...I only have about 4 deep red active pimples but there are like 15-20 red marks which makes me look like i am pretty badly broken out. With this warm whether in NY its difficult not to be a little disappointed, I dont know why I guess I thought I'd be clear after 2 months but...

Accutane Clavaris Day 55 - Clearing Week

Posted by musicvisuals, 04 April 2014 · 339 views

Well month 2 finally took a turn for the better, I dont want to get all happy and jinx myself but I have only gotten 1-2 smaller pimples in the last 7 days. This has given all my other acne a change to really calm down and start to fade. I would say right now I have about 2-3 active with some red marks. I can look at myself in the mirror and not be all pi...

Day 50 Accutane Clavaris 80 Mg Month 2 Week 7

Posted by musicvisuals, 31 March 2014 · 444 views

Week 1- Skin cleared
week 2- break out - lots of tiny white head around mouth and chin
week 3- break out- deeper acne starts to pop up on cheeks
week 4 - skin cleared w minimal acne in the t-zone
week 5 - bad break outs on cheeks
week 6 - bad break outs on cheeks and minimal acne in the t-zone
week 7 just started and fortunately its been almost 2 d...

Accutane Mid Month 2

Posted by musicvisuals, 28 March 2014 · 166 views

I'm making this super quick. Its def worse than usual, maybe the worst so far on accutane..def sticking it out though i still have alot of hope its going to work, all the encouragement on here has helped alot! I've got a shoot(video) tonight at a fashion show of all places, I'm feeling okay about it though, normally would be paranoid w this many active..I...

Accutane... F**k Month 2!

Posted by musicvisuals, 24 March 2014 · 565 views

Im on like day 43 and I keep getting like 1-2 new spots at least each day for the last 10 or 15 days!!!! And now the red spots/acne are adding up...I've been here before...but this time at least I can blame the tane. Im a professional cinematographer/editor and people pay "alot" for me to show up as a professional and I just feel so unprofessional with ac...

Day 40 Accutane Clavaris

Posted by musicvisuals, 21 March 2014 · 227 views

So my 25h birthday was a few days ago...I didnt want to do anything really because of these breakouts and I cant drink anyways. On top of that I got sick the day before my bday so I'm sneezing and blowing my nose which is irritating the skin in and arnd my nose..I was clogged up last night and my head felt so foggy. I feel a little better today fortunatel...