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Posted by graceface12, 14 May 2014 · 428 views

spirolactone doxycycline clindimycin cephalexin
So I just switched from Sprintec (Ortho tri cyclin) back to my regular bc Orsythia because Sprintec was making my breakouts so much worse. Along with that I started taking doxy and almost immediately my acne cleared. Since then it has been about two months and slowly my acne has started coming back. Yesterday I went to the derm with no makeup on feeling ugly and discouraged. They prescribed me spirolactone and cephalexin along with clindamycin to use along with my regular bp. I'm at such a loss right now I really hope this works. This is day 2 taking the spiro and cephalexin, so far so good. I'm also starting a juice fast to get ready for bikini season and maybe help my skin a little. Does anyone have any experience with either of these medications? If this doesn't work I'm going to try yasmin...
Morning routine:
wash face with st ives green tea and salycylic acid cleanser mixed with some baking soda to exfoliate and get rid of all my dead skin
use clyndamycin on my whole face
use 10% bp lightly on areas where I'm breaking out (made the switch from 2.5 to 10% recently, the 2.5% wasn't doing much and the 10% worked amazingly on my body acne)
moisturize with cerave
apply some muperocine ointment on my scabs and spots
make up blah blah blah
take a cephalexin tablet
Night routine:
wash face with either eucerin redness relief or the st ives green tea salycylic acid cleanser
apply the 10% bp LIGHTLY to entire face focusing on my spots
once a week i apply tretinoin instead of the bp
moisturize with cerave
apply muperocine to my spots and scabs along with some petroleum jelly to the scabs and marks in need of healing
take my bc pill along with a cephalexin tablet, spiro 100 mg, and 3 collagen vitamins

I am on a similar regimen. I use BP. I use topical clindamycin and cephalexin and Ortho-Tri-cylen and spironolactone. I have very rare breakouts. Oops I forgot tretinoin. I use that too. If you check my blog post I have some before and after pics and the difference is quite marked. best of luck to you. Your regimen sounds awesome. Can't fail! ;)

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