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4Th Week Update

Posted by graceface12, 31 January 2014 · 538 views

retinol tretinoin aczone prescription allergy
I've been struggling with acne since I was in middle school and now that I'm 18 I'm more than tired of dealing with my skin. I've gone to a dermatologist many times and my current one has prescribed me aczone and tretinoin along with changing my birth control from Orsythia to Sprintec. I had already tried Tretinoin in the past with no success, but we thought I would try it again as a last ditch effort before accutane. The first few weeks my skin has gone from having mild/moderate acne (black heads, white head, and a few pimples) to having severe acne. Every morning I wake up with new white heads ready to pop and closed comedones and my past breakouts have a nasty looking yellow crust on them. Recently it seems as though I've developed a rash on the right side of my face, I have this big red splotch of highly irritated skin along with cold sore like symptoms around my mouth. Its highly painful and everyday tiny white heads keep appearing on it. I also have painful gland swelling right in front of my ears and in my neck, I'm wondering could I be having some sort of allergic reaction or if I'm just getting sick...
My routine: In the morning I wash my face with coconut oil and extract whatever is ready to come out and then put on a thin layer of aczone. I then apply vaseline with cocoa butter to whatever scabs and left over blemish marks I have. If I have any active blemishes I put a dab of my murad sulfur mask on them.
In the evening I wash my face with coconut oil and wait 30 minutes before applying a pea sized amount of tretinoin .025% cream. I then apply the vaseline to areas of my face/body that need some healing.
Any helpful comments or input is greatly appreciated!!

Stop using Vaseline. Acne.org Regimen, you can order it and it will clear our your skin within 6 months rather than going on birth control pills and accutane and waiting 1 year. Please consider buying this product although it's a bit pricey but it's worth it because in the end you'll have clear skin. :) Good luck. nEvEr let your self down. Always be gorgeous inside and out. Always stay positive even though it's a tough road to be on. I know what that feels like, i have sympathy for you. Anyway, God Bless you through your healing.:)  

thank you @itchypain i've been considering the regimen, but i've tried basically the same thing many times in the past with little luck

Ok...I don't want to scare you but you are giving yourself cosmetic acne aka acne cosmetica. You should not be washing your face with coconut oil. That is just plain crazy. Tell your dermatologist that you put Cocoa butter, vaseline and coconut oil on your face. If you didn't have acne too begin with, you would have it after using your regimen. I suggest you stick to non-acnegenic over the counter face washes that are oil free. You may be mad at me but someone had to tell you the truth. Peace!


See this link: http://www.healthysk.../cosmetic-acne/

nope coconut oil is a proven antibacterial and good for all skin conditions! its the only thing that calms my skin down!

Even for me you shouldn't use all these prodoucts that could be irritant for acne or maybe that could make acne worse. Keep using tretinoin cream!!

Good luck, let us know!

So I went to my dermatologist yesterday and she prescribed my doxycyclin. When I woke up this morning, everything was gone! It seems so miraculous and crazy that it all just disappeared after only 2 pills of the doxy but my face is completely clear despite the left over red marks. I plan on eating yogurt every day and drinking lots of water while I'm on it because i'm pretty worried about the bad bacteria building up immunities...

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