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Day 44 On The Regimen(1 Month & 13 Days)

Posted by ItchyPain, 10 March 2014 · 89 views

Hey Yo' lovely faces! How is everyone? I am doing GRRRREAT so far. Can you believe it's been 44 days already!?!? 44? Yeah, 44. Exactly 1 month and 13 days. The regimen is doing pretty great stuff i should say. Ok, where should i start?!? lol 
So, many of you know that i break out on my forehead A LOT, and my chin most of the time. Yeah? - Mhm....

To All The Ladies Out There! :)

Posted by ItchyPain, 08 March 2014 · 44 views

Hey beautiful gorgeous pretty ladies, I just want to wish you guys a happy 8th of March. It's an international Women's day. To the young women or young girls  who want to get married, I wish you your destined husband who will LOVE for who you are, even with acne. For those girls out there who are struggling to find who they are inside, I wish you to find...

Day 25 On The Regimen

Posted by ItchyPain, 19 February 2014 · 123 views

Hello everyone, this is an update on the regimen. It's been 25 days already!! Yay, right? but anyway. Uh, my face or my overall acne has improved. Not majorly, but it's getting there. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks for my "new" pimples to go away, with the help of the Regimen it takes about 2-3 days. Pretty fast hu? lol.I visited my Grandma today and sh...

Acne Can Do So Much Damage!

Posted by ItchyPain, 30 January 2014 · 214 views

Hello EVERBODY(i mean everyone who has acne),
i know that struggle with acne. I don't know much about it, but i know how it feels like. Absolute 100%  I know. First off, let me tell you
everything you should know about me.
I am a teenager, and i started getting acne when i was like 12 1/2. It started with little zits on my chin. My chin is sma...

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