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New Meds Day 3

Posted by madisonbrooke5, 31 January 2014 · 113 views
school, stupid
Well today was my first day back in two weeks in school.... And it wasn't fun.... Almost everyone came up and asked if I was okay. And it looks like I have worst welt looking things all over my face.....

Acne I Need Help!

Posted by madisonbrooke5, 30 January 2014 · 180 views
accutane, help, acne, forever and 4 more...
Acne I Need Help! Well i have been fighting acne problems since i was 10. i had it really bad last year and we tried just about everything under the sun from proative to some stuff i cant even say.. so they put me on accutane and well about a month in my acne got way worst than what it was soppost to. so i finished off  with 8 months of it and thoose 8 months i wouldn...

This Is So Old

Posted by madisonbrooke5, 30 January 2014 · 87 views
Like when I was one accutane I played softball and I catch so I like was sweating all the time could that of have made it worst?

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