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Wierd Progress: Uploading Photos Soon!

Posted by ewsogross, 05 February 2014 · 321 views

progress vitamin a retinol dermotoligist pus scabs picking hyperpigmentation
so I went to my dermatologist and she took a look at me and said the obvious: STOP TOUCHING, PICKING POPPING. I gotta tell ya, that's probally the worst part. It seems that humans inherently want to pick and pop no matter how many professionals give sound advice and provide facts about the damage you cause by doing so. Long story short: MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP :DDD I was prescribed a retinol 150 cream. The stuff cost me $80 !! With a price tag like that it better be good, right?  Well I experienced a shit load of peeling and I still am getting some dry side effects and peeling when I apply it in the evening but it is making the pustules that were previously destroying my face stop appearing. I am so unbelievably happy that I've been able to reduce the 10 or so whiteheads on my face at a time to 1 to zero. But my complexion still looks like hell due to the relentless peeling so I avoid going out at night. But during the day all I have to do is put some moisturizer(I like actinage soothing gel) and it even helps fade the red marks from past pimples!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as to the maintenance of my skin but I have high hopes for this retinol stuff. It feels like im typing this for nothing because i'm getting like zero feedback but idc, I just need to convey my emotions. When my phone is charged I will post progress pics. I'm very pale so my face kind looked like the surface of the moon. lol

If you want, you can go on Accutane. If you want to start, you should start NOW because it takes 7 months to see results. so Don't wait, if you want to start. God Bless with the healing of your skin. Good Luck! :)

Retinol 150 cream? I've been looking for concentrations of 1.5% for a while, now. Care to divulge? ;)


BTW, 1.5% retinol is close to 0.025% tretinoin. Retinol is milder, but tretinoin is a little stronger.


I agree with ItchyPain that you could go on Accutane if nothing else is working.

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