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Losing Hope On Hollistic Method

Posted by Nina7788, 01 June 2014 · 296 views

Hi all,
I recently started breaking out bad. I am thinking it is because of coming off the birth control this would be my 6th month. My naturopath seems to think all symptoms should have been present on my 2nd or 3rd month. I am getting really depressed. Summer is here and I'm afraid to leave my house. I have one cyst on chin and one huge one right by my nose. Not to mention scarring as wll.  I will have to schedule an injection. I trying really hard to go this route but it is so difficult. My derm might suggest accutane which is not even an option as I can not afford it. 
I don't know. I am seeing my naturopath on Weds. I am beginning to lose hope.

Your feelings sound like mine.  I recently had to stop a topical that was working due to developing facial eczema and now i am not using anything and of course, i am getting clogged pores and inflamed acne.  It honestly sucks!  In regards to going the holsitic route.  My diet has been essentially paleo and it has done nada for me....boo hoo.  A member on here suggested an elimination diet cnsisting of just fish, veggies and green juices to start.  I highly have my doubts that this will work for my acne as i've been on paleo for months and no results.  Yet, it is my last resort.  Keep on keeping on and know that


you are alone


you are not your acne



Feel free to PM to chat if you ever need to.  It's great talking to people with similar experiences.

Hi Nina,

I hope you are well this morning.  I noticed that you stated that you cannot   afford accutane? Does that mean that you do not have health insurance. Illinois has a comprehensive public healthcare system for those who cannot because of youth, age or difficult circumstances (college students/part-time workers), afford unsubsidized health care. http://www.dhs.state...aspx?item=29722


Hi guys thanks for your kind words. 


LeeLowe1 thank you. I try to think that everyday when I look in the mirror. It's so hard. I hate how my acne controls what kind of day I will have. I feel that there are so many people with acne and I rarely see them. I feel,like I am the only one. Obviously I am not since there are so many people that suffer from acne.


Leanna123- I have been on medicaid in the  past (public healthcare). It is extremely hard to find a dermatologist that will take public aid. I am also right on the border of making "too much money" for a 2 person household. I say "too much money" bc I am a normal person with mortgage, bills, and food to put on the table. So who knows. I have not tried applying. To be honest I also want to have another child before I go the accutane route. My acne went from not too bad to really bad after my son was born. That is when I went on Yaz and cleared up my skin but that did not last. 


I will let you know if I am able to find a dermatologist that takes public aid. Thank you!

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