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Week 1 On Accutane

Posted by Jwatt20, 11 January 2014 · 161 views

So I've just started accutane 20mg a week ago along with E-mycin. The results so far have been pretty good. Have had no side effects, I used a lip balm from day one even tho my lips weren't dry and that has helped. The majority of my pimples are gone already, I just have a lot of redness from the acne. So far so good. Will update next week

majority gone after one week? wow - maybe that's just coincidence?

Well I've been on them for a bit over a week and it just keeps getting better everyday?
Into week 3 on accurate, I have no new pimples, all existing ones are gone, my face is looking awesome, just a little bit of redness still left over. My lips are dry but they aren't peeling or cracking. They just feel dry, still look normal tho. I started applying lip balm on day 1 rather then wait for the dry lips to come and it seemed to work. My skin is pretty dry, as far as going out in the sun goes I'm a surfer so they can't stop me, I just apply 50+ and I never get burnt. But so far all is going really well
Any questions feel free to ask

Whats your condition now? Im about to go on accutane, worried about the side effects. 

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