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Day 5 / Derma Appt.

Posted by Mels23, in Zithromax 11 January 2014 · 269 views

zithromax azithromycin derma appt. sulfur soap
Taking one pill of Azithromycin every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 250 mg.
Dermatologist appointment today. She has a look at my face and notices that my acne has gotten worse since she's last seen me. Has to do with me having stopped Minocycline from those severe effects I mentioned, as well as having no more Epiduo to apply every night. For that reason, I started washing with this Sulfur soap with Lanolin, but it really hasn't done as much as I would have hoped. It started out well, though. Maybe it's because I moved from washing with it twice a day to once a day.

She prescribed me Clindamycin for the big, red bumps on my cheeks. She also mentioned that she will be refaxing my prescription of Epiduo to the pharmacy that was supposed to have sent it to me, but never did.

Nurse comes in and gives me injections (2x as many as usual) and then gives me a chemical peel. Decided to go with the 30%, finally.
Forehead Day 5 - Forehead

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