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Week 6 - Breakouts All Over My Chin

Posted by Mels23, in Ziana 23 May 2015 · 48 views

Normally when I breakout, I breakout all over my jaw, around my cheekbones, and quite a bit around my mouth. But for the past 2 weeks, I'd say 60% of my breakouts are on my chin/around my mouth. To add, my lips have been feeling really dry lately. I still get acne all over my face (the impacted pores on my forehead are starting to settled down though) but...

Week 4 - Ziana

Posted by Mels23, in Ziana 09 May 2015 · 93 views

Quick update - I think I'm finally in the purging phase. My breakouts are getting pretty bad. Not to mention they're leaving me with a bunch of dry spots all over my jawline, cheeks, and around the mouth. It's making it hard to put on makeup without it looking all crusty :[
Another possible trigger may be stress - finals next week! Actually I had my first...

Third Week On Ziana

Posted by Mels23, in Ziana 02 May 2015 · 58 views

Not sure whether I've got an abundance of acne and subsurface bumps because of a purge, or because I was on my period.
My forehead isn't as prone to acne as other areas of my face, but I've got three pimples there right now. On the bright side, those clogged pores I've had for the past few weeks are receding.
Left and right sides of my face aren't looking...

Start Of - Ziana

Posted by Mels23, in Ziana 18 April 2015 · 84 views

5 days ago my tube of Ziana came in. For the days preceding it I was super worried about this stuff. I heard a lot of negative reviews of how the purging phase lasted forever and that overall a lot of people were unsatisfied with the results. But there were quite a few that said you just need to know how to use it right, so I guess I'm willing to give it...

Derm Appt. - Finally A New Direction To Take

Posted by Mels23, 28 March 2015 · 102 views

Finally got to see the dermatologist after about 5 months. I went to a different clinic under the same guy, but I saw a different PA. She was pretty nice and thorough in her questions. Basically said that I did indeed have many clogged pores, lots of hyperpigmentation and scarring, with lots of pimples, and, uhh.. that I should have made an appointment ea...

Turmeric Mask Breaking Me Out?

Posted by Mels23, 17 March 2015 · 154 views
turmeric, flare up
It's been a month that I've been using a turmeric face mask almost every other night (1 part turmeric, 2 parts yogurt). Originally I was interested in using it to see some facial hair reduction, and then I heard it was used to treat acne too, so I decided to give it a go. Well, comparing my face from a month ago to now, my acne's gotten pretty bad. I've h...

Not Sure What It Could Be

Posted by Mels23, 28 February 2015 · 126 views

For the past week now my acne has been pretty bad. At first I attributed it to me being on that time of the month, but that's been over for about 4 days now, and being on my period doesn't usually leave me with cysts like I'm dealing with now.
I want to say I'm just purging, since I've been using a turmeric face mask (not for the purpose of treatin...

Stress Is Comin'

Posted by Mels23, 09 February 2015 · 156 views
Last week I mentioned that my acne was coming back and it was likely because of how unhealthy I've been since I started working at Dunkin' Donuts.
Well I won't have to worry about that much anymore because I got laid off!! :'D
Yes, that's sarcasm. I'm actually really bummed out. Only worked there for 2 months but, damn, I made a lot of good...

It's Back.

Posted by Mels23, 02 February 2015 · 124 views

It's been almost 4 months since I stopped taking Bactrim, and my acne is coming back again :[
To be honest, I'm pretty sure I know why - I've been so unhealthy for the past few weeks. I do 8-hour shifts at work, and since I have to wake up at 4am sometimes I don't get a chance to make myself lunch, so I buy something at work. And if I haven't menti...

Things Are Starting Up Again

Posted by Mels23, 13 December 2014 · 182 views

I'm at the end of my 8th week post-Bactrim, and, well, I'm getting a lot of white heads around my nose and even some pimples on my cheeks and jawline again :/
I was scheduled to see my derm last week, but I had to cancel and say I would call to reschedule later because I finally got a job (hurray!) and had to go to orientation. Haven't rescheduled because...

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