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Caveman Regimen Day 5

Posted by DynamiteLand, 04 January 2014 · 417 views

caveman regimen update log day 5
Okay so I had practice today and I sweated a ton. I felt so grimy and I had to resist the urge to wash my face. I decided to just pat my face with a clean towel and this did the trick. ( I guess i tricked my mind into thinking my face was clean :D :D ) anyways I felt my face after sweating and every pimple that had a head on my cheek was gone!!! I guess sweating helped push the toxins out and create a protective barrier. I now only have one tiny Head left on my cheek! My whole face seems to be slowly clearing up. My chin hasn't really healed but has no new pimples which is a first! GO CAVEMEN!

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