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Posted by ravendrifty, 03 January 2014 · 212 views

So In the MIDDLE of my eyes I felt this bump and thought I saw a little white head so I was like hey lets pop it! So I did an got all the gunk out but now it's a huge mark and I have no clue what to do (photo) I still feel a bump, and it hurts too! But I need to get rid of it as soon as possible (3 days) hopefully or atleast almost gone and I could cover it with makeup! Any tips please! Sorry it's upside down!
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I've tried lots of stuff! I just don't know what to do exactly!

pick up an over the counter spot treatment. there's plenty to choose from (clean and clear, zap it, acne free line has one too, etc). drown that sucker in some spot treatment at night and hope for the best. also, don't bug it, it'll make it angry and flare up D;

The "gunk" you are getting out is not dirt or bacteria, its your immune systems congregation of white blood cells (thats why pus is white) sent to the affected pore to battle it out with the bacteria. By rupturing your skin's membrane you create a fissure that allows more bacteria to colonize your beautiful face. STOP POPPING PIMPLES! Get on an antibiotic, topical and oral or try accutane.

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