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Accutane Improvement!

Posted by xlaurra, 08 January 2014 · 257 views

Normally I do weekly updates of my isotretinoin course, however the improvement is suddenly so significant I felt it should be posted a couple of days early.

I have no active acne. No open or infected scabs, no zits, no lumps under the skin, nothing! I still have a few healing scabs, and a worrying (to me, purely because I don't know how I can treat it)...

2 Months Into Accutane

Posted by xlaurra, 03 January 2014 · 249 views
roaccutane, isotretinoin and 3 more...
So today is exactly 8 weeks since I took my first isotretinoin dose. I have had no noticeable improvement since my last blog entry a week ago, or indeed the start of my course, so it appears my improvement will not happen in an early month as it does for others, but nonetheless I will continue :)

I had my 3rd dermatologist appointment yesterday. It was p...

Day 49 Of Roaccutane

Posted by xlaurra, 27 December 2013 · 276 views
roaccutane, accutane and 3 more...
Today is my seventh week on roaccutane (isotretinoin).
So far, I am not particularly optimistic, due to the fact my acne is 5x worse than when it started. However I will give the pills credit in the sense that my side effects haven't been too bad, and it appears that the acne that appears heals quicker than perhaps before. Only a little quicker, bu...

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