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Week 26 40Mg

Posted by Hexagon, 03 June 2014 · 277 views

accutane roaccutane 40mg
Early but i have to update
I knew it, in the last 2 days, maybe or maybe not coincidently since starting my period, I developed two spots on my forehead and a cyst on my chin. My pores look more visible as well
Althoughh the cyst and 1 spot on my forehead have quickly deflated with the help of some bp so that's good
It's really strange before accutane I would usually only get acne around the middle of my cycle, since starting accutane my skin breaks out pretty much non stop, whenever, wherever WONDERFUL
I'm so happy for the people accutane does work for and it also makes me think about the people, with acne worse than mine, who it fails for.
It is so devastating to take a drug witch claims to clear your skin, only to have the opposite reaction and be left with nothing but scarring, health problems and possibly even worse acne
In these last few weeks I need to sit down and seriously think about what I'm going to do next

You are being cautious and that is smart. I am withholding all opinion and judgment since I know very little about accutane. I pray you make the right decision for your self! Peace!eusa_pray.gif

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