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Week 24 40Mg

Posted by Hexagon, 22 May 2014 · 255 views

accutane roaccutane 40mg
Been quite lucky, still no actives
I say lucky because I garantee they will start popping up again anyday now
Skin isn't nessasarily oily just gets oily when I'm moving about or in the heat, which i know is kinda normal, but my skin did not get oily whatsoever earlier in my course
Haven't had any problems with my joints for quite a while, or the ecxema either. My lips though.. F***, both sides split and lips peeling everywhere and nothing helps
Probs not related but I'm feeling veryy thirsty recently n keep getting an irritating feeling in the insides of my nose

I am so happy for you that you are clear! :)

Won't let me quote but thanks for all the support :)

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