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Week 22 40Mg

Posted by Hexagon, 09 May 2014 · 188 views

accutane roaccutane 40mg
Skin was decent until the day before my residential trip and it just decided to explode again, so angry and upset as my skin alway always turns bad right before anything special or important. Got 3 pimpes on my forehead and a cyst on my chin, skin is also very very red and I'm starting to get pitted scars which is terrifying
Oh wellll
The side of my lip has been split for a couple days now and just won't heal, also as I'm a smoker, when I put a cigarette to my lips it will stick and pull away skin ouch. I should use this as a reason to stop smoking lol
My hair still just won't stop growing and looks thicker and shiny, everyone i know keeps commenting on it :)

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