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Week 16 50Mg

Posted by Hexagon, 25 March 2014 · 148 views

accutane roaccutane 50mg breakout anxiety
A bit early but I need to update, so I went on holiday with 1 active cyst, felt 2 more cysts and a few pimples developing during the journey there. I felt horrible and couldn't believe I was getting such a severe breakout just as I was going away, nothing could describe the despair and anxiety I felt stood in an airport with everyone looking at me and my boyfriend and hs family who have never seen it so bad.
Howeverrr, something really unusual happened, by the end of the day, every single cyst and pimple had come to a head which never happens with me, I extracted them before going to sleep and woke up with them completely dried up and already starting to heal and by the second day they were basically just marks.
So good news is I was able to enjoy the last 2 days of my holiday
Ever since the breakout all my side effects have increased a lot but I like to think maybe the accutane is kicking in full force, will just have to wait til next week and see what the deal is

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