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Day 11- Is This The Ib?

Posted by CoralShine, 27 December 2013 · 232 views

accutane day 11 dry eyes initial breakout
So, today is the end of day 11.
So far,
-I finally am getting the dry lips that everyone keeps talking about. Like, my lips are cracking on the sides and I'm re-applying Aquaphor every hour.
-Its is becoming a real issue to wear eye contacts for more than five hours. Just so dry and I don't  always have eye drops around. I think I need to convert to glasses for daily wear and turn to contacts for when I'm going out.
-I can't be certain that its from the Accutane, but there js a dry patch on my left hand. I'm not sure if I had a reaction to some of the makeup I was trying on my hand while at Sephora OR it is from the Accutane. But its red, and really dry. Not impressed.
In other news… I hope this is the worst of the Accutane.
I have broken out so bad, especially along my cheeks. Not my jaw and my forehead isn't that bad-pretty clear for the most part- and I just am trying to be patient and understanding. But its really really hard. I don't know if the fact that I'm on my period just makes this situation even worse, but its sucks so much. 
Picture the finish goal-clear skin. Thats all I desire at this point.
The only okay part is that the breakouts heal faster then they usually would. The cystic/deep ones are not as bad as they usually would be (when I was not on Accutane). Regardless, I want to just fast forward to the promise of three months and see nice skin!

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