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Week 3 - December 27Th

Posted by VierraValentine, 27 December 2013 · 61 views

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Quite a lot happened this week. For one, my eyes began to improve but whenever I went out they were EXTREMELY sensitive. I had to keep sunglasses on the entire time, otherwise my eyes were watering like crazy because of a slight breeze. My scalp eventually dried out and I managed to not have to wash my hair for about 5 days. Don't worry, I still used dry shampoo lol. I don't know if I'm just imagining things but it seems like I didn't lose as much hair. However, due to the eye problem I went back down to 20mg. My eyes are sensitive in summer anyway (very bright sunlight) and the Roaccutane certainly wasn't helping. I'm pretty sure I made this change on Monday. The initial breakout has stopped and my skin is looking significantly better. The only thing is that my blackheads are looking much worse. Oh well. Last night I went to hang out with an old friend and drank like 4 or 5 cups of whiskey mixed with coke then smoked around 7 cigarettes. I only drink like three times per year. I was pretty tipsy, but not like vomiting all over the place drunk. I was still able to make conscious decisions lol. Am I glad I called someone to pick me up before it got too out of hand - it lasted for about two more hours and then the pain set in. My entire body was aching for about 8 - 10 hours and certain areas felt like they were bruised, even though they aren't. After my 3rd drink while smoking I wasn't paying attention and the cigarette slipped down through my fingers and burnt three of them. I have a blister on one, I'm curious to see how long it will take to heal on the Roaccutane. I forgot to mention, I didn't take my tablet as I guessed we would be drinking, but since the aches kept me up the entire night I took one when the hangover wore off. I guess that counts as one day, right? I just hope I didn't destroy my liver. I don't know if I mentioned this in my first blog post but in my initial blood test I had unusual liver results, due to glandular fever and doxycycline. My next dermatologist appointment is in a week and I'll have to get another blood test before then. I'll be hanging out again with that friend tomorrow but definitely won't be drinking. Let's hope the results don't come back completely messed up and I'm taken off the accutane.....

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