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Posted by littletaxikab, 17 December 2013 · 261 views

cystic acne pimples skin how
So I'm brand new to the site. And I gotta tell ya....

Acne pisses me off.

I mean...aren't pimples for highschoolers and pre-teens? I'm nearly 22, shouldnt it be smooth sailing?

Granted, I don't struggle with my acne anymore like I used to....I used to have BAD cystic acne before I found what worked for me.
Before now I used to be at war with my acne...I felt like I couldn't leave my house without feeling like the I was being STARED AT as if I should be locked in a dungeon somewhere because of the big ol' bastard on the side of my chin or my forehead.

Nevertheless...I found what worked for ME! And I'm going to share it with you, in hopes that it helps someone with similar acne troubles get a footing with the battle against their skin, along with any other advice I've learned after 11 years of battling with cysts and other skin issues. 

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