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My Will Power Failed !

Posted by RoadBlock, 13 December 2013 · 202 views

60 day diet cleanse acne
i failed !, have to start all over again, temptation got me. 
So tomorrow will be day number 1 again for my 60 day diet cleanse, I'm going to start doing yoga and learning to do the splits along with Maui Thai (martial arts)
This will keep me relaxed and mind busy, if I ever get tempted to eat the foods that I'm not supposed to I'l do 20 push ups every time, and I hate push ups lol so you can see how this would work for me.
I feel like I failed my self so easily to temptation and my will power is so strong, that's one of the benefits I have that I'm proud of and by falling into temptation today is just disappointing.
So tomorrow again starting of with a 3 day water fast and then going into the routine ;)
By the end of day, I hope to accomplish the splits ;)
see you tomorrow and good luck to me once again ;)

Wow, you seem really committed to your health and well being. Very inspirational. Good luck with all your endeavors AND hAPPY hOLIDAYS!

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