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Week 3

Posted by jward2090, 07 December 2013 · 171 views

Week 3 So it's the end of week 3 and my skin is still doing the same thing it was in the first two weeks. Dry skin and white heads/pimples that pop up out of nowhere overnight. The pimples heal fast though which is nice, but usually I don't have very many pimples to begin with...so not doing so great.
What's weird is my forehead was my problem area before, but now it's pretty much clear and the areas I didn't have pimples are breaking out (cheeks and above mouth). Maybe this is because of the dry skin? My forehead doesn't get dry but around my mouth does. I almost gave in today and started using Dan's regimen. I've decided to stick it out for a few more weeks to see if this is just a purging phase I'm going through. I really want this to work, but things aren't looking amazing for me. Picture is attached (I picked today).
Overall...after I just looked at the pictures, it's pretty bad compared to usual. Not having too much confidence in the water only method. Need some motivation to keep me going.

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