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Initial Entry. 1.5 Months In!

Posted by KrislynNicole333, 07 December 2013 · 131 views


Hi guys Posted Image Just to tell you a little bit about me: I'm 19. From Louisiana and I start nursing school in January. Woot woot!


I've had acne since I was about 8 or 9 (I was an EARLY bloomer, lol) and have been suffering from it ever since. I've tried everything. The cleansers, the facials, the chemical peels, etc. Nothing worked 100%.


I recently got engaged (yay!) and decided I wasn't going to deal with the acne anymore. Enough was enough. Both of my parents had bad acne and my mom was on accutane at my age. I switched derms seeing as my previous one wouldn't even let me think of getting on accutane. I told the new derm that even though my acne wasn't as bad as others', it was just as stubborn and I was tired of the fight.


She agreed to put me on accutane and I've been on it for almost a month and a half now.


The initial breakout is TERRIBLE and I won't even look at my face sometimes. Seriously. I wash my face and put my powder on in the dark so I won't be tempted to pick at my face. Posted Image but things are starting to look up, I think. And my derm told me that by the end of month 2 I should be pretty clear and things will only get better from then on out. So, fingers crossed.


If anyone is in the first few months of their journey on accutane, or have been on it in the recent past and have any advice or encouraging words, they are totally welcome and extremely appreciated! Posted Image

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