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Inflammation Down, Red Marks Up

Posted by emanresu, 30 November 2013 · 203 views

medrol inflammation topicals cysts
After terrible side effects with bactrim, I am on the 5th day of a medrol dose pack. My cysts have flattened but my cheeks are covered in red marks that will undoubtably become bumps again once I finish the medrol.  The right side of my face looks like a pizza. The left side has a few marks but nothing much. Weird, right? I don't get it...

So now I am in the first week of only using topicals.  Tretinoin at night and clindamyacin during the day. I'll update my progress or lack there of.  

For now I will enjoy the lack of bumps on my face from the medrol.  I wish I could be clear for Christmas :(

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