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A new beginning

Day 3: Progress

Posted by ewsogross, 27 November 2013 · 165 views
day 3, caveman
Ok so in my last post I sounded dreadful and had no hope. Well today I've noticed that my facial skin has less closed comedones, bit they are still there and I mean all over the place so nothing to significant. I also have a new pimple in my problem area(lower left jaw) but I'm waiting it out and I still refuse to use any chemicals on the skin. I've washe...

Day 2: Awakening

Posted by ewsogross, 26 November 2013 · 121 views

My skin seems to be taking a turn for the worse. It's hard to look in the mirror because of how monstrous the skin is becoming. I refuse to shave because the caveman regemin calls for nothing to touch the face except for water which seems to be still pushing it. There's simply no way I can't do a light rinse with water everyday, or I wouldn't be able to g...

Phase 1: Detox

Posted by ewsogross, 25 November 2013 · 237 views
natural cure and 3 more...
I'm pleased to announce that my use of cheap drugstore chemicals to treat my problematic/ oily acne skin is over. FINISHED haha. This is the first day in a year I haven't slathered some cheap, harmful substance on my face in a feeble attempt to control the endless amount of bumps and oily mess that has decided to call my face home. I realized that using b...

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