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Posted by SandraB, in The Regimen 23 December 2013 · 152 views

Hi there,

I am on holidays right now and I have of course taken my Regimen with me. Last week was going really well but I started breaking out again a couple of days ago.
A lot has changed, more food, softer water, colder weather etc, so I will wait to find the culprit. I switched the jojoba oil to rosehip one to try to heal better the scars I have on my right cheek. I know it does not break me out because I used to use it.
Apart from that I am still applying the Regimen regiously morning and night. I am not clear and for my milder case of acne, it is very deceiving. I know however that my case is very stubborn and as it seems to get better I will keep going... The hyperpigmentation is very very bad on my cheeks and it may not go away but it can be easily covered with make up :)

I am still using around 1 pump and half of BP and will increase to approximatively 2 pumps on Thurdsday night. I am not so sure of the amount of BP I am using right now because I decant my big bottles in smaller ones to have more travel friendly containers. I am using the finger method from the BP dosage chart so it may not be that bad. My skin is very dry especially on the outer perimeters but it is bearable...

Two more weeks with full amount of BP and I will be able to add AHA in the loop to deal with all the flakiness, dryness and scarring! The only thing I have noticed is that my blemishes seem to heal faster, this part sound true in my case.

That is it for today.
See you :)


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