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Slowly Freaking Out

Posted by LynseyJoxoxo, 25 November 2013 · 417 views

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These breakouts are driving me crazy. As soon as my acne starts cearing up... BOOM, 4 new pimples come in to replace the old ones.
I have yet to start the medication my doctor perscribed me, Acanya. I had to have it mailed to me from a neighboring state, or else I would be paying 300$ every two months for it. No thanks lol. My doctor has been driving me crazy over this though. She was supposed to send in my perscription the day of my appointment so I could have it mailed out to me that day, but of course it took her 5 damn days to send it out to the pharmacy.... Anyways, it should be here before the end of the week. (fingers crossed)
I hope this medication helps....
Just felt like ranting on how much I hate these pimples and my doctor.
- Lyns

Hey, just some words of encouragement. My dermatologist also put me on Acanya gel to treat my acne. I use it every night and use Atralin gel in the morning. So far, it has really been working for me. I hope it works similarly well for you :) Just know that the end is near

Awesome!! I'm happy it worked for you (:  And I surely hope so lol.

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