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Acanya 3 Week Review.

Posted by LynseyJoxoxo, 09 December 2013 · 526 views
acne, pimple, pimples, zits and 5 more...
My derm has put me on Acnaya, and I go back to see her in a few more work to discuss my progress with it.
My skin has really approved with the acanya, but I'm still getting spots ): I really don't want to stop using the Acnaya because it does help prevent new spots and it heals spots really fast! I may see even better results in the next few weeks, but I...

Slowly Freaking Out

Posted by LynseyJoxoxo, 25 November 2013 · 418 views
pimples, zits, acanya, acne and 1 more...
These breakouts are driving me crazy. As soon as my acne starts cearing up... BOOM, 4 new pimples come in to replace the old ones.
I have yet to start the medication my doctor perscribed me, Acanya. I had to have it mailed to me from a neighboring state, or else I would be paying 300$ every two months for it. No thanks lol. My doctor has been drivi...

Day Of My Dermatologist Appointment!

Posted by LynseyJoxoxo, 21 November 2013 · 410 views
acne, pimple, pimples, zits and 2 more...
My first Dermatologist appointment went pretty well (:
My skin was super dry and flakey today, thanks to Proaciv. ugh. I also woke up with three new spots on my face.. total bummer.
ANyways, My doctor was super sweet and nice! She walked into the room looked at me, and told me how beautiful she thought I was. Self esteem boost.. yay!! she ag...

First Dermatologist Appointment!

Posted by LynseyJoxoxo, 20 November 2013 · 220 views
acne, sad, upset, proactiv and 2 more...
Tomorrow is my first appointment with a dermatologist... I'm feeling both excited and nervous...
For the past few months my skin has been a wreck!! I'm almost 18. and before this I had such nice skin... I broke out sometimes, but not enough for it to really affect how I feel. My acne isn't severe, but it's enough to really bother me. I have at leas...

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