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Accutane! Week 2

Posted by mpennington, 14 November 2013 · 201 views

Hi again.
Wow this drug is hitting me pretty hard.

I know I was trying to read up a lot before I got on this stuff so if anyone wants to know some of the immidiate side effects here they are...

Week 1
Not really any huge side effects but towards the end of the week I noticed my lips we're becoming really dry.
And no real skin improvement.

Week 2

Accutane, Week 2, Help!

Posted by mpennington, 13 November 2013 · 163 views

Hi I am 17 years young 140 ibs and was prescribed 40 mg. I don't know exactly how long the doc planned on keeping me on this stuff but I think the regularly time is about 6 months?

I've been dealing with acne for a while... Started puberty really young so I've been breaking out since about 5th grade...
Acne is such a pain and I truly feel for whoever is...

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