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30 Years Of Acne- Before Accutane

Posted by shotzielibra, 10 November 2013 · 135 views

there was no cure for severe acne- nor were there any successful treatments- talk about being in hell-
They started me on Tetracycline because they didn't have anything else and artificial sunlight.  As soon as the body was used to the tetracycline it didn't work but all it did was cause yeast infections.
The real sun seemed to have a drying effect- but I got too much sun and it ruined my skin later in life.
My junior high school days were spent going to the dermatologist two times a week to deal with my skin and we had to wait an hour each time to get in to see him.  I ended up doing all my homework waiting for the doctor so that at least that time wasn't wasted.
Finally,  after 5 years of this they gave up on me and put me on birth control pills that had just been invented ( high dosage).  This worked great- but made me so hungry I gained 20 lbs and that made my life miserable.   They explained that the birth control pills mimic pregnancy and changes your metabolism to put on fat.
I can go on with story if anybody is interested.  Let me know.   I wanted to die or hide and I did.  I had no friends because I was too embarrassed- except one girlfriend who took pity on me.

I had acne so severe it was all over face,  chest and back-  and I just wanted to hide or die

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