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Start Of Week 3.

Posted by lilem13, 11 November 2013 · 189 views

The first month is definitely rough! New spots show up fast - what feels like overnight. Some heal quickly and others unfortunately are taking about a week; leaving yet another red mark. Trying not to pick or obsess as much as possible. Fortunately was able to get 4 cortisone shots before a wedding this weekend, which definitely helped. Wish I could just get inflamed pimple injected!

As far as side effects, skin is getting very dry and flaky. Started using cetaphil cream. Chapped lips still easily healed with aquaphor or carmex (no cracking or bleeding). Noticed hair is much less oily! Other than that feeling pretty good. Looking forward to moving past this initial breakout!!!

Thanks for stopping by/commenting on my topic thread!!! I will definitely be following along with your progress! I seriously hope you move past this IB quickly and that it doesn't recur!

I'm going to be on 60mg/day of Amnesteem for 5 months. I'm nervous about the IB myself especially since it'll probably fall right around Christmas/New Years', ie when I want my skin to look good. Oh well!

Again I'm def gonna be following you on your journey & hope we can keep e/o sane through this process!! And here is hoping it truly is a cure!! Best of luck to you smile.png

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