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Day 180 - End Of Month 6

Posted by lilem13, 24 April 2014 · 271 views

I haven't had a painful cyst or whitehead in over 1 month!! Definitely took me a full 5 months to clear. I still get small noninflamed pimples, which don't bother me too much. Maybe one a week or every other week. Red marks are SLOWLY lightening. I started using Elta MD UV clear spf with niacinamide in it, which supposedly helps to decrease redness a...

Day 127...month 5.

Posted by lilem13, 03 March 2014 · 181 views

I haven't posted for a while because not much has changed. I switched to Absorica a little over a month ago and noticed a little bit more joint discomfort and some dryer skin/lips. I continue to break out pretty consistently. They are still spots under the skin that turn into inflammed, painful whiteheads. Pretty rare that I get a cyst. I d...

Not Absorbing?

Posted by lilem13, 16 January 2014 · 158 views

I saw my derm this morning and she suspects i'm not absorbing the accutane well. She said I should be more red, dry and definitely noticing a decrease in breaking out at this point. She is switching me to the brand absorica, which can be taken without regards to meals. She said I should see changes within 10 days. Sounds like i'll be on it for another 3 m...

Day 79. Week 11-12

Posted by lilem13, 14 January 2014 · 178 views

Not much new to report. Have 11 days left in month 3. Still breaking out. Will have a few good days where I don't break out, followed by a few bad days. Have a lot of under the skin bumps that will likely turn into pimples in the next few weeks. Side effects are pretty minimal thankfully. See my derm on Thursday. Not sure if i'll be increased from 60 to 8...

Day 52 (Week 8)

Posted by lilem13, 18 December 2013 · 180 views

Not much new to report. Stilllllll breaking out. Nose is covered in what looks like whiteheads, it is gross. Have 8 more days until I start the 3rd month and increase from 40 mg to 60 mg. Chest breakouts are clear already thankfully. Face is noticeable more red, flush pretty easily and acne scars/hyperpigmentation are very apparent. Also still super dry a...

Day 44 (Week 7)

Posted by lilem13, 10 December 2013 · 192 views

Saw Derm today (early due to the holidays). Will be increasing my dose to 60 mg for the third month. Now I'm scared about another flare! At least I'm nearing the 3rd month so hopefully things are calm.

I'm continuing to break out. Have about 2-4 actives at any given time. Still getting about a cyst/week. Today I also noticed that my chest is breaking out...

Start Week 6. Month 1 Over!

Posted by lilem13, 04 December 2013 · 254 views

Finished my first month, which was not fun!! Will be taking 40 mg again for the second month. Thankfully that initial breakout has calmed down. Have a lot of post inflammatory marks that will probably take forever to fade. Also still breaking out. Currently have 3 actives and for some reason accutane has to make them bigger, redder and painful. I'm so tir...

Start Of Week #4

Posted by lilem13, 19 November 2013 · 144 views

Well what I thought was the initial breakout was nothing compared to the actual initial breakout. It started on Day 20 and it's rough!! Everything is large, red, inflamed & painful! My acne is 100x worse than before I started. Of course, I am away at a conference for work. Tough to face my colleagues looking like this. Thankfully, my Derm prescribed a...

Start Of Week 3.

Posted by lilem13, 11 November 2013 · 189 views

The first month is definitely rough! New spots show up fast - what feels like overnight. Some heal quickly and others unfortunately are taking about a week; leaving yet another red mark. Trying not to pick or obsess as much as possible. Fortunately was able to get 4 cortisone shots before a wedding this weekend, which definitely helped. Wish I could just...

Week 2 - Day 10

Posted by lilem13, 06 November 2013 · 179 views

Definitely breaking out. Seems like things are surfacing quickly. Have about 2-3 very inflamed spots & many potentials, which stresses me out! As far as side effects, chapped lips (controlled with aquaphor & carmex) & flaky skin on chin and around nose. Minor joint pain (r knee). It's tough but I keep telling myself it has to get worse before...

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