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Rooth's ACCUTANE LOG 2nd Ed

Day 2

Posted by Rooth, 02 November 2013 · 199 views
waxing, day 2, good dermatologist and 1 more...
Haha, I forgot this part. Can anyone tell I have no idea how the formatting for the new version works? 
So. More facts. About this journey.
I moved out of my parents house. Somewhere along the way, meeting new people, seeing new faces, made me remember what my face looks like under the make-up. I got it into my head that my room mates s...

Clarus (Isotetrinoin-Accutane) Log

Posted by Rooth, 02 November 2013 · 289 views
clarus, accutane, log and 2 more...
So, I have a faulty memory. Acne blurs into one never-ending constant , I've had it for 15 years, more than half my life. I don't imagine my face being clear like a normal person. To me, a good day is having no 3D cysts and no normal pimples (i.e. the ones you can control topically with BP). Acne is so much me that if forget what it looks like to others....

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