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Maintaining My Diet

Posted by tanjo143, 05 November 2013 · 161 views

I still get some pimples, but they are really tiny. 
I also lowered the amount of raw garlic I take as I find garlic lowers my sexual drive. 
Right now, I only:
eat white rice
eat green leafy veges like kale, spinach, mustard and collard greens
drink coffee with liquid stevia (when my stevia runs out, i'll switch to black coffee)
eat fish (all sorts)
I try not to eat salty food, MSG and other foods not on the above list.
So far, my face is quite clear. 

Hey do some research on white rice vs brown rice if you really want to improve your diet even further. White rice is a refined carb which has been stripped of its fiber and can lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. But hey everybody is different so I say eat what ever you want, you only live once lol (coming from a nutrition major)

um i already know that.


we all know "white rice is worse than brown rice" blah blah blah.


But brown rice gives me gas, contains more sugar than white rice and is irritating on my tummy. i tried to eat it in place of white rice, but it actually made my acne worse.


but thanks for the comment.

Plus if you look at the nutrition data for brown rice, it has .7g of sugar while white rice has only .2.


It's fatty acids are also higher. It's got more Omega 6 per cup than white rice: 603 mg vs white rice's 117mg.


So yeah, it's actually worse.


I look at the ratio of omega 6/omega 3s and free sugars. Overall, white rice is actually better. But of course, none would agree with me. But FOR ME, white rice is less inflammatory.

Good info, and yeah eat the white rice if its better for you. I was really just talking about how white rice is refined while brown rice isnt.

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