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Garlic Is My Savior Truly

Posted by tanjo143, 07 November 2013 · 214 views

I have proven it.
I did not take garlic for two days even though I was low sugar, my acne came back. Not very bad though, just a few white heads. 
Today, I took raw garlic, one big clove, after my morning coffee.
I've also decided that I would not drink coffee more than once a day as it messes up with my bathroom habits. I tend t...

Maintaining My Diet

Posted by tanjo143, 05 November 2013 · 162 views

I still get some pimples, but they are really tiny. 
I also lowered the amount of raw garlic I take as I find garlic lowers my sexual drive. 
Right now, I only:
eat white rice
eat green leafy veges like kale, spinach, mustard and collard greens
drink coffee with liquid stevia (when my stevia runs out, i'll switch to black co...

Vitamins And Minerals

Posted by tanjo143, 02 November 2013 · 136 views

I think it is important to eat a variety of foods. But unfortunately a lot of foods contain a lot of sugar. Most fruits contain a lot of sugars and sugar is a definite no no for acne. Most vegetables can be sugary too so they can also be bad. 
So I think we need to eat foods that will give us the most vitamins and minerals without them packing...

Here's What I Eat For Clear Skin.

Posted by tanjo143, 01 November 2013 · 129 views

FREE Sugars cause acne in me so I eat only foods that contain the least free sugar, while at the same time having the most vitamins and minerals per cup.
So far these are the food I consume.
I eat 2 cloves of raw garlic every morning.
I drink coffee all day with liquid stevia from sweet leaf. Coffee does not break me out at all. Without it,...

Free Sugars Cause The Most Acne In Me.

Posted by tanjo143, 31 October 2013 · 298 views
free sugar, solution, acnefree and 1 more...
Can the amount of free sugars in food cause acne? I seem to have figured out my problem.  
I thought I was allergic to fructose so I eliminated sugary foods to cure my acne. I eliminated table sugar and high fructose foods. I eliminated processed sugars, ready to buy items at the grocery stores and red meat.   
But my acne never we...

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