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Going Off Accutane- 21 Days

Posted by LC2rd, 15 November 2013 · 516 views
accutane, quitting, 20mg, anxiety and 2 more...
It's been 21 days of accutane, today was supposed to be my 23rd, but unfortunately unexpected events occurred that have made me stop taking my 20mg dosage. Now I noticed a lot of troubling things in the very beginning of Accutane, things that I didn't look at too closely but perhaps should have, that rolled into one big problem this week.

I am a very st...

The Nightly Routine: Getting There

Posted by LC2rd, 28 October 2013 · 201 views
accutane, nightly routine, anr and 3 more...
So I figured I'd  post something of my nightly routine, as I have exciting news due to my nightly routine coming soon! I've actually been pretty much dedicated to a simple nightly routine for 2 months now. I start off by using Dr Bronners Soap in Citrus, the liquid not bar, and clean off any and all makeup with that. I either do this in the shower, I take...

The Journey To Accutane

Posted by LC2rd, 26 October 2013 · 224 views

Hello there readers! 
I figured I'd just jump right into what my lovely situation is with acne and treatments and finally the mysterious accutane. Basically, while I wouldn't say that I've had pristine skin my entire life, I would say that I had fairly nice skin up until a year ago. Occasionally in High school I had a couple pimples, mainly fr...

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