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Accutane, work your magic!

Clear Skin!

Posted by HaymarieC, 10 April 2014 · 524 views
before, after
Clear Skin! Well my attempt to blog throughout this whole process was a huge fail, but I just had to come post an update.
Six months after starting accutane I AM ZIT FREE! I have not had a new pimple in about a month. I have just a couple weeks left on accutane now. Is this a dream? Accutane is a rough medication to be on, but my only regret is not doing this...

One Month Down!

Posted by HaymarieC, 20 November 2013 · 204 views

I just finished my first month of accutane, and these side effects are the worst! I got dry lips and skin almost immediately after starting treatment. The one upside is that I used to have to wash my hair daily or it would be a greasy mess, and now I've been going 3 or 4 days between washes! Then about a week ago my eyelid became very swollen and hurt so...

Alcohol And Accutane?

Posted by HaymarieC, 26 October 2013 · 403 views
accutane, absorica, alcohol
Alcohol And Accutane? Hi all! Well I'm on day 5 of accutane and not much to update. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and staying hydrated seemed to help with the headaches. I am feeling dry and sensitive. I'm now using cetaphil cleanser to wash my face instead of exfoliating. 
One question I have for you all is if anyone drank alcohol while on accutane? My...

Here Goes Nothing!

Posted by HaymarieC, 24 October 2013 · 242 views

Here Goes Nothing! Well, I guess I'm officially a blogger! This site really helped me decide to go forward trying accutane, so I decided I would document my journey as well. 
I will start by noting that I have suffered with somewhat mild acne for 11 years. I'm now 23 years old and have tried pretty much everything to clear up my face. I have taken a few differen...

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