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My Acne Story

Just Over 1 Week

Posted by BeautifulByChoice, 27 October 2013 · 180 views
ancestory, acne, doxycycline and 3 more...
It's been a wonderful week! I have about 2 or 3 active pimples which is GREAT for me! I'm still not having any bad side effects besides being slightly dry. A daily moisturizer fixes that easily though. I see a HUGE improvement on the general redness of my face. My tone is becoming more even and although I have scars 5)36 are becoming less red. My big hurd...

3 Days Into Treatment

Posted by BeautifulByChoice, 21 October 2013 · 225 views
doxycycline, clindamycin and 4 more...
Since I was 15 I struggled with acne. My active acne wasn't the biggest problem though, I have very sensitive skin that scars easy. So although I may only have a few active pimples at a time, my face looks like one big, red scar. I've tried everything. Every face wash at the store, every Proactive system, and everything I could find over the internet. 3 d...

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