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Two Months In..ish?

Posted by Graciemeow, 22 December 2013 · 314 views

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I've lost count I'm over two months in though.
It cold be coincidence. It could be ... I dunno. But my skin is looking really great. I'm still clearing, I still have red marks and the odd blemish...some cysts still clearning. But I havn't been this clear in a long while. also my skin is smooooothh especially around my forehead/ cheekbones/cheeks.
I'll post a picture.
Side effects:
Pretty much...nothing. Agnus castus/Vitex did make me late on in the first month...I could have been late on anyway seeing as I have PCOS but it felt like I was expecting a period for over a week I was like IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN then it did and I had NO pains and it was shorter a lighter..only lasted around three days. My last period was normal. Sometimes when I'm late I get HORRENDOUS, CRIPPLING (literally) cramps that make me pass out and seem to come in waves for around an hour, each wave lessens in intensity until I'm drained and pale and all I can do is lie in bed then I come on the next day. This hasn't happened since I've been on Agnus Castus :)
I took milk thistle to support my liver but it didn't agree with me. I may try it again come January.