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Spironolactone Progress (5 Months)

Posted by music934, 07 April 2014 · 483 views
spironolactone, cystic acne and 4 more...
I've been on the full 100 mg dose of spironolactone now for 5 months. My acne has significantly lessened! I no longer get deep cystic acne. I used to have a lot of painful cysts along my jawline and cheeks and I no longer have that. The only significant acne I have now is on my neck area, but I expect that will go away in time. I also get a few smaller wh...

Spironolactone Progress

Posted by music934, 30 October 2013 · 467 views
spironolactone, cystic acne
I actually ended up deciding to take half of my 100 mg pill to start off with and work my way up to a full 100 mg pill as I took spiro a few years ago at 100 mg and found it made me quite dizzy (which caused me to stop taking it altogether). So far I have not been dizzy yet, but I do pee more than usual (this could also be because I'm forcing myself to dr...

Starting Spironolactone

Posted by music934, 14 October 2013 · 518 views
Starting Spironolactone I just started on 100 mg of spironolactone today. 
I have had acne of some form since I was around 13, but back then it was very mild, a few small pimples on my chin periodically that would come and go. However, when I graduated high school and started college, my acne became cystic and painful. It started along my lower jaw line and spread up to my...

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