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Day Twenty-Three!

Posted by harlowefey, 01 November 2013 · 302 views

My face looks better than it did yesterday. 
My mom picked me up and we went to our favourite RAW food restaurant and ate there. Then we hung out for a bit.
But my face was slowly declining throughout the day, and before bed, after further examination, I noticed my face was covered in dead skin.
I was sort of grossed out. Should I leave it? Or should I get this shit off my face????
I went under the sink, dusted off my good ol' Clarisonic, and used it with ONLY cold water on my face. 
IT LOOKED AMAZING! I was so happy. I was at the point where I was thinking of quitting, then I talked myself out of it.
Besides a few pimples (the pimples from yesterday are gone, the smaller ones have developed into bigger, which I'm sure will be gone tomorrow), my skin is very clear and smooth and pretty-ful. 
ANYWAY, loving life today. Going to the gym. 

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