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Day Eight! Yay! :)

Posted by harlowefey, 17 October 2013 · 258 views

So I have made it over a week! I have worn make up a few times during the weekend so I used just a bit of jojoba oil and a cotton pad to remove it and then used jojoba oil combined with castor oil and a wash cloth to remove my face make up (the OCM, or oil cleansing method that I said I would use at times). I've read that oil cleansing does not mess with the pH of the acid mantle, so thats good. :)
My skin looks INCREDIBLE! It looks younger and healthier than it has in a year. So happy about that! 
During my time with The Regimen, the pores around/on my nose, around my mouth and my chin were usually clogged with yellow plugs, and I had really never had problems with these areas UNTIL The Regimen. Since I've started water only, I have noticed that these plugs, or clogged pores, are starting to come out. 
I actually kind of have a gross tale. I had worn make up yesterday, so at night I removed my make up with a cotton pad and jojoba oil. Then, as I was rubbing the oil cleanser into my skin, it started to get a gritty texture. I examined it, and there were little yellow plug like things all over my fingers. Then I examined my face and there were tiny little pin-prick sized holes where it looked as if a clogged pore had been pushed out. SO i guess all the clogged pores and black heads or whatever are popping out. I think this is good!!!!!!
The nose on my skin looks so much clearer. Before, the "clogs" were barely noticeable, but I noticed them. Today, my nose and around my mouth looks so much smoother and just.. clear. My cheeks are doing just fine. My forehead is great too. I picked at one clogged pore on my cheek and it got a bit irritated and red. But besides that, my skin is clearing up. I have some red marks from scarring... which I hope will go away with time. :)
I've been maintaing my healthy eating habits and stuff... Going to gym and taking care of myself. :)
Hope y'll are doing well...... if anyone is reading this at all. hahahaha!

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