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A Bit Of Background

Posted by Flybykp, 10 October 2013 · 261 views

A Bit Of Background My last blog didn't give you any details of who I am and how I got to the point I am at. It all started 7 years ago with a bump on my neck that I presumed was a pimple. The bump grew into a lump, the lump into a golf ball and after a couple months of being teased by my peers it burst. I assumed it was an infection and would go away now that it had burst....

To Begin..

Posted by Flybykp, 09 October 2013 · 182 views

To Begin.. A long ways back I used to be a member of this community as flyBOYkp.. Seeing as I no longer have access to the email address attached to that username, I have created a new account.  
A lot has transpired since my postings from 4 years ago when I began a daily regimen of Accutane for "acne"...  
Long story short; Accutane failed once,...

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