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Come At Me Week 8

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 25 August 2015 · 34 views
Feels like I haven't updated in ages! My grandmother recently passed away, trying to sort her resting place and lots of stress in work have made my skin my last thought...

However, after my small breakout a week ago my skin has completely recovered and I am clear again. I have already linked my acne and stress so I am truly surprised I have stayed so cle...

Jumped The Gun

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 18 August 2015 · 56 views

Lol woke up with 2 red sore looking spots. Arg. The operative word being 'looking'. It's 2 small red papules. And it's only 2. But they are beside each other haha! It sucks to have a breakout in my 7th week but I have to remind myself every day that by using a retinoid I am this for the long haul.
I also pissed myself off because I cleared out an old hand...

6 Weeks Of Differin Done.

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 16 August 2015 · 42 views
differin, retinoids, happy
I seriously can't believe I ever was scared to try Differin...
It's working so well for me and for the first time since I was on accutane I have had a week with ZERO acne. Long may it continue. No comedones. No bumps. No papules. Only some redness after cleansing but it only lasts for 5 minutes. I have no idea if this is normal because I have had permo re...

Halfway Through Week 6

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 10 August 2015 · 83 views
retinoids, differin
Still no acne and the dead ones have completely gone.
My period has been and gone and not so much as a tiny one.
I feel this is too good to be true as I am only half way through the recommended treatment time. But I am going to enjoy this acne free spell for as long as it lasts haha. In fact the past few days my pigmentation has looked great but I am pret...

5 Weeks Complete And I Have...

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 06 August 2015 · 83 views
differin, retinoids
No active acne.
I am so confused.
Every post I read about Differin told me I would have a horrific initial breakout. My skin would shed off constantly. It only works a little. Need I go on?
I am ...TMI ALERT... on my period and that's usually papule city time but NOTHING.

It's actually quite eerie as I am still fully expecting this initial br...

Boo. Breakout.

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 01 August 2015 · 71 views

Boo. Breakout. In the middle of week 4 of Differin now and I just got a breakout. Ok it's like 4 tiny bumps beside each other but it sucks none the less. I felt weird and strange because I had zero new acne since I started it because I seems most people have crazy IBs! I can deal with the new acne because these 4 tiny things are all the acne I have. My face is SO red an...

I. Must. Not. Itch.

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 29 July 2015 · 45 views
differin, retinoids, itchy
Wowee I am now definitely experiencing Differin side effects but they are weeeird?! I have an itchy chin and jaw, but underneath like heading onto my neck kind of area. I deffo don't apply Differin there so find it weird. I am also flaking but only at my smile line area which is another area where I don't actually apply Differin.
I am promising myself thi...

My Full Coverage Routine

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 28 July 2015 · 58 views

This is mainly for people mainly searching for a make up routine that provides full coverage without looking full coverage. I LOVE makeup and have done for years and if this helps one person feel a little more confident then yay.
Overall, I would say I have sensitive skin that when not on prescriptions is combination. Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks.
I have b...

Let The Flakes Commence

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 26 July 2015 · 41 views

Finally done 4 weeks of Differin. Didn't think I would make it this far. So many times I wanted to give up from the stinging, breakouts and pain. I'm so glad I found the strength to carry on. I've also done a week and a half of BP which seems to nuke forming papules before they even get a chance to form a lump. But dear, dear GOD the flakes are insane. At...

Nearly Week 4 And I Am Scared

Posted by ihateusernamesx, 24 July 2015 · 61 views
differin, retinoids
Nearly Week 4 And I Am Scared In a good way!

Haven't been posting as much as I have been at the in laws for the week for my fiances birthday and still keeping to my regime even though it means I have to runnnnn from the bathroom to our bedroom to avoid them seeing my tomato face haha!

But yes. I was scared, frightened and worried of the intial breakout coming whilst I'm here but it...

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