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2 Month Mark

Posted by nancypan23, 25 November 2013 · 147 views

It's been 2 months since i started this blog.  i recently joined a thread about picking.  Here's my post after joining:
Thanks!  What is my main concern?  Mainly blackheads with the occasional white head or red lump as i call them.  My topicals prescriptions do work but they have a tendency to make me irritated and flaky, which just exasperates the problem.  The flaky skin gives me blackheads that i dig out unfortunately.  If i didn’t pick, my face would be decent...not perfect but i could live with that i think. 
i went back to my derm on Friday and she gave me a good non-comedogenic moisturizer and told me to use the topicals every few days not every day until the irritation heals.  I'm hoping this moisturizer works b/c so far everything that i have tried over the counter doesn’t work enough. 
I picked one small white head yesterday and i'm pissed at myself.  it would’ve dried up on its own but instead not it's a stupid bigger scab.  oh well.  but i have to give myself credit b/c not too long ago (about 3 years ago) i was digging and squeezing so much it was scary.  i've since sought help and slowly have been getting better.  i wouldn’t call it an OCD but a form of anxiety.  I’ve learned to breathe and use yoga.  Especially when i feel myself getting anxious and freaking out over a zit.
It sounds so stupid to say...they are just zits right?  but we know it's more than that.
thank you so much for making this thread.  I can’t talk to anyone about this, except my doc.   They say...just get over it and stop.  It’s not that easy.
day 1 :)  wish me luck

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